Bringing up kids is such an adventure. 

We have a simple rule in our house: no wasting food. To support this, I allow my children to decide their portions. Thus no one can claim to have been served too much food. Consequently, whatever gets into your plate must be eaten to the end.

Kids are just little  adults and they too try to get away with as much as they can (I wonder who learnt it from whom?). 

When githeri hits the table, the stunts increase. Recently my little one serves then decides after 2 spoons that she is full, completely disregarding the bowl of githeri in front of her. So, diligent parent that I am, I put my foot down and demand a clean plate. After all, she is the one who dictated the quantity.

What follows is a game of tug and war. I am used to it and always win. The trick is not to show weakness in the face of the tears and not to laugh at the oh so laughable excuses that tend to follow. This time however, there was a twist … the dog!

When little girl started crying, the dog started crying too, moving to her side as if to protect her, but there was nothing to protect her from. So she (the dog) comes to me and starts whining as if to say ‘stop harassing the child’ and then it hit me … 

My dog thinks I am an animal!!

Jolene look Alike 2