From the title you of course know that I am truly Kenyan! I just could not resist jumping on this particular band wagon.

The quail phenomenon is nothing new. Kenyan’s are second only to the Chinese in their ability to copy and counterfeit things. We love money and even more, we love the idea of making money. Note, I do not say that we like making easy money: for the projects in which we involve ourselves usually take great sacrifice and work.

Today it is quails; we heard that they have great healing powers and there is a ready market out there, so we jumped in and dragged our friends and relations with us. We took loans, we harangued acquaintances for grants and other means of support and we researched the best rearing methods to ensure a great crop. We however forgot to research the market.

… and that is how we have found ourselves with an abundance of quails and quail eggs. The law of economics dictates that high supply – low demand = reduction in prices. It is therefore no surprise that prices have fallen; for some farmers by over 90%! Of course, the projections and business plans that looked so good one year ago are now shot into the middle of nowhere.  I read in one of the dailies of a lady who quite indignantly declared that the quail phenomenon was not a pyramid scheme, however, we must all admit that those who got in early were the true beneficiaries.

This one may not have worked, but I wonder… when our forefathers started rearing chicken was there the same skeptisism? Maybe the guys who wait it out and let the novelty wear off will be the true winners. Only time will tell.

Right now, the government is running helter skelter trying to find a way to standardise quail rearing. I can just see the title of the one they will put in charge: 


In the meantime, we will keep being Kenyan, we will wait for the next big thing.